Stabled Broncos

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles were looking to rebound after being beaten by the Los Angeles Chargers last week. They faced a hungry Denver Broncos team that was looking to extend their winning streak to two games. The Eagles had other plans as they pounded Denver in all phases of the game and beat them 30-13.

It started out well for Philly they jumped on Denver from the opening kickoff. They went down the field and scored right away as Jalen Hurts connected with DeVonta Smith for one of his two touchdown receptions. The Broncos had no answer for Philly’s offensive attack. When they stopped a rushing play, the Eagles would throw it over their heads in the next play. This was Nick Sirianni’s best coached game of the season. His play-calling was really dialed in especially on the offensive side. Jalen Hurts really benefitted from his coach’s play-calling. He completed 16/23 passes for 178 yards and completed two touchdown passes.

On the offensive explosion “Can’t say enough for how Howard, Gainwell, Scott have stood in for Miles sanders. Great to see Boston get to a screen that almost went for a td. We are gone have some tough decisions. Good problem to have. They’ve done great job fillin’ in for Miles,” said Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni.

The Broncos must have been reading their own hype after beating the Cowboys last week. They played like they expected the Eagles to lay down and let them win. They really did not have a response for the Eagles rushing attack. Philly was able to run for 217 yards and that kept their defense on the field through-out most of this game. That limited the possessions on the offensive end. Philly took full advantage of Denver’s defense. When they blitzed Hurts, the Eagles would throw a screen pass or throw it in the flat. Despite not having the ball much through out the game it was right there for the Broncos. They had a chance to tie the game and retake momentum but they fumbled late in the game which allowed the Eagles to score a touchdown and seal the game.

On the effort and play of his team, “I felt the altitude when I ran down the sideline. Davion did good job getting ball out. Slay is unbelievable… everyone’s saying go down…. Whoa whoa whoa don’t go down,” said Nick Sirianni.

The Eagles will now prepare for the New Orleans Saints next Sunday afternoon. They will need another impressive performance in all phases of the game to keep the great offensive attack of New Orleans at bay. Additionally they will need another great offensive performance if they want to get their fifth win of the season.

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