Fried Eagles

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles were looking to rebound after being destroyed by the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. Philly faced a struggling Kansas City Chiefs squad. That did not struggle after the opening kickoff. The Eagles had no answers for the Chiefs. As they fell 42-30.

Philly started the game on the right foot. They took full advantage of the Chiefs defense and were able to drive it right down the field. They had to settle for a field goal after some miscommunication on the offensive line. The Chiefs could not stop the Eagles. However, they took full advantage of mistakes and made Philly pay. When the Eagles could not cash in on red zone opportunities. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes would be leading a scoring drive. He had five touchdown passes, completed 23/29 passes for 278 yards. He did get intercepted when the Eagles blitzed him, but that did not happen much during this game.

If it was not Mahomes killing the Eagles they were killing themselves. They committed nine penalties. They had some undisciplined play which took points off the boards on multiple drives. Penalties were a problem last year under Doug Pederson and are showing up again under Sirianni. Philly will need to clean up that behavior. It took 14-points off the board against the Chiefs today. Once again, the Eagles were their own worst enemy in a good offensive showing for the team. In a game that did not include punts but featured 16 combined penalties.

On Philly’s mistakes, “You’re upset/furious you go to 1-3 but things to build on there. Self inflicted wounds have to stop. Putting ourselves in holes with pens. Forced another fumble on special teams. We gotta do things better offensively. Use this tape and get better from it,” said Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni.

Philly will now head to Charlotte, NC to face the Panthers. They will need to clean-up the penalties and find a way to get pressure on the quarterback if they want to beat the Panthers and end this two-game losing streak.

On team improvements, “Tough game, emotional game- control our emotions and lock in. 40 plus points what needs to get better. Shoot we all do. Need to find what we need to do I don’t know man,” said Eagles cornerback Darius Slay Jr.

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