Dak’D Eagles

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles were looking to rebound after getting crushed by the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday. They faced a confident Dallas Cowboys squad. That confidence was on full display as Dallas decked Philly 41-21.

Philadelphia got hit in the mouth early as the Cowboys did whatever they wanted on their opening drive and scored an early touchdown. Philly got right back in the game as the defense created their only turnover of the night and forced Dak Prescott to fumble which led to the Eagles scoring a touchdown. That early tie was as close as the Eagles got.

Prescott had it working all game and there was nothing Philly could do to stop them on defense. The secondary could not hold up and Prescott found his man all the time. They had no answers. Prescott completed 21/26 passes for 238 yards and completed three touchdown passes. If Prescott was not making the Eagles pay Ezekiel Elliott was. He scored two touchdown passes and had 95 rushing yards.

Philly was outcoached and outplayed, and they were an undisciplined football team. They committed 12 penalties that killed drives and the injuries caught up to them. Jalen Hurts had no time to throw the ball. Throughout this game it seemed the Eagles thought the Cowboys would lay down and let them win. They had early success running the ball and got away from it. No matter who the coach is they all have the same allergy to running the ball. Especially when a young quarterback is struggling. Hurts looked like a rookie quarterback out there at times.

On penalties, “…Gotta get that fixed. The ones that you don’t like and most troublesome are the Pre snap penalties. Gotta go back to work and get it fixed. Unacceptable and starts with me,” said Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni.

They will have to clean it up as they face the struggling Kansas City Chiefs in Philly on Sunday on a short week. The Eagles will need to find some consistency on both sides of the ball if they want to keep-up with an angry Chiefs squad.

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