Hurting Birds

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles entered today’s afternoon match-up with the Green Bay Packers seeking to get a complete game performance on all sides of the ball. Unfortunately for the Eagles they were not able to get it together against the Packers. Despite a late-game run they ultimately were done in by a late-game turnover and defensive lapses. The Packers were able to take advantage and win their ninth game of the season 30-16.

It looked good early on for the Eagles they were able to have a balance offensive performance and get out to an early 3-0 lead. That lead would evaporate later in the first quarter as Aaron Rodgers was able to find Devante Adams for an early touchdown completion.  The Eagles had no answer for Adams.

He grabbed ten catches for 121 yards and had two touchdown receptions, Adams was able to take advantage of a clearly hobbled Darius Slay. Who could not stop Adams. He was able to find ways to get open and be a huge difference maker for the Packers.

Adams was not the only one as the Packers receivers were also able to take advantage of bad linebacker play from the Eagles. They would use the Eagles aggressiveness against them. When they would blitz Rodgers would throw it over the top and find an open tight end.

Rodgers was able to have one of his best games of the season against the Eagles he completed 25/34 passes for 295 yards and complete three touchdown passes. Rodgers just was comfortable out there despite the fact he was sacked three times by the Eagles d he was not rattled. The Packers were able to have a complete game performance against them

The Eagles did not really have any offensive consistency through out the game. So much so that Doug Pederson decided to bench Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts.  He was able to use his athleticism to get the Eagles going.

On benching Wentz “We needed a spark. We needed something to kind of go our way so I decided to put Jalen in the game,” said Doug Pederson.

Hurts completed five/12 passes for 109 yards and complete his first touchdown pass of his career to Greg Ward. The Eagles did have better consistency with Hurts, but ultimately the deadly combination of the offensive line’s inability to block and receivers lack of separation would doom a late game drive by Hurts. Hurts got hit late and ultimately was intercepted by a Packers linebacker. 

That drive encompassed the major failings of the Eagles season an inability to get out of their own way, and no quarterback change will stop an aging o-line who cannot block or make the Eagles receivers be able to get some separation from defenders.

On who will start “We needed a spark in this game to try to get some things going. I’ve got to get through injuries. There’s a lot of things I’m going to consider. And evaluate. Before anything is decided,” said Pederson

He will now have to navigate a QB controversy and find some way to spark the offense. As they now head into another primetime match-up with the New Orleans Saints next week.  

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