Drowning Birds

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles came into today’s match-up against the Cleveland Brown looking to get their offense back on track and to hold one of the best rushing attacks in the league in check. They accomplished one of those goals. They kept the Brown’s rushing attack in check, but their offense is still not on track and three turnovers drowned the Eagles. They got beat 22-17 and earned their sixth loss of the season.

It started out well for the Eagles as they took advantage of an aggressive Browns front seven and ran the ball down their throats. However, a Miles Sanders fumble would kill the early momentum for the Eagles. The defense was able to stop the Browns at the goal line. But Carson Wentz would turn the ball over after getting hit and that led to his second career pick-six.

Those two turnovers killed the Eagles offensive momentum which did not get back on track until the last few moments in the fourth quarter.  While Carson Wentz has been a target of attention for his play lately. However, it is not just him as Jason Peters gave up a couple of drive-killing sacks. One miss block by him and Isaac Seumalo led to Wentz being sacked for a safety.

 Another thing that has killed the offensive drives for the Eagles is the fact that it seems like the only receiver worth anything in this offense is Richard Rogers.   Nobody else seems to be able to create enough separation to get open.

On Wentz “Benching him would send the wrong message to the entire team that the season is over,” said Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson.

Wentz was able to find Rogers in the back of the end zone early in the third quarter for one of his better throws of the day. Wentz was able to complete two touchdown passes, he completed 21/35 passes for 235 yards, and had two interceptions. Some think Wentz should not start anymore because he has a propensity to turn the ball over.

On who starts next week “No question about it he’s (Wentz) our starter,” said Pederson.

He may continue to be the attention getter when it comes to blame but offensive line play, bad play-calling, and turnovers are really to blame for the Eagles not being able to defeat the Browns today.

Defensively, they held the two-headed monster of Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb relatively in check. Hunt was able to score a touchdown late in the game which put the game away. But the Browns offense was held to 13-points for today. The difference in this game being the pick-six and the safety.

The Eagles will now have a full week to make their preparations for a Monday night showdown with the Seattle Seahawks. They will have to correct the turnovers and the offensive play if they want to have a chance against the Seahawks because Russell Wilson makes opposing teams pay for making mistakes.  

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