Rising Birds

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles headed into a primetime divisional match-up with the New York Giants tonight. They were looking to get healthy and find some more offensive rhythm. It didn’t look good through out most of the game for them, but they were able to pull out a 22-21 victory. They are now 2-4-1 and are currently in first place in the NFC East.

It started out good for the Eagles early in the game they got a touchdown on their opening drive, and were dominant in the first half. However, the Eagles went cold in the second half. Especially in the third quarter where the pressure really started to get to quarterback Carson Wentz. 

The Giants were able to take advantage of a defensive mistake by the Eagles who let Giants quarterback Daniel Jones get an 80-yard run that set them up to take the lead midway through the third quarter. He completed 20/ 30 passes for 187 yards, and completed two touchdown passes.

The Giants were also able to take advantage of some defensive lapses by the secondary and get another touchdown to put the Giants up by 11 late in the fourth quarter.

Despite the fact that this was a tough game the Eagles were able to pull off a comeback victory. Something they fell short of doing last week. Wentz was able to lead his team to a victory. Late in the game it was in his hands. He delivered for the Eagles. He connected on an 18-yard touchdown pass to running back Boston Scott. That pass propelled them to first place in the NFC East.

“The guys never stop fighting and that’s never going to change,” said Scott.

Wentz completed 25/43 passes for 359 yards, he completed two touchdown passes, and had  one rushing touchdown. This was another complete game for Wentz who has been finding his groove and the last few games.  

On Wentz, “His toughness is wild and I have a lot of respect for him,” said Scott.

The Eagles now have time to get healthy as they head into another divisional match-up next week against the banged up Dallas Cowboys next Sunday in another primetime match-up.

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