Brutalized Eagles

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles had a lot working in their favor as they played the New York Giants this afternoon. They were coming off of a bye week, and the Giants had not beaten them since 2016. Unfortunately for them the Giants came out and dominated the Eagles in all three phases of the game. Giants were able to finally finish a game and win 27-17.

“We  all had  a hand in this one,” said Head Coach Doug Pederson.

The Giants were able to get off to an early start as quarterback Daniel Jones ran it in for 36-yard touchdown run. Taking advantage of the Eagles defense being susceptible to misdirection. He was able to find open receivers and even though he was sacked a few times he did not turn the ball over for the second straight game. Jones connected on 21/28 passes for 244 yards and one rushing touchdown. 

Wayne Gallman also scored two rushing touchdowns and rushed for 53 yards. He was part of a two-headed rushing attack with Jones. He was able to demoralize the Eagles through getting tough runs on third down to keep the Eagles defense on the field.

Third down was a problem for the Eagles on both sides of the ball. They didn’t convert a third down and couldn’t get off the field on third down on the defensive side either. This was an abysmal performance by them especially when they had two weeks to prepare for the Giants.

The Eagles need to take a good hard look at themselves. They cant blame turnovers by Carson Wentz. He did not turn the ball over today for the first time this season. He played within the structure of the offense and they still could only muster 17-points while facing a bottom-five defense.

“There’s still a lot of pride left in that locker room. Guys are mad. I’m mad that we lost this game,” said Pederson.

They now head into a tougher half of their season as they face the Browns, Seahawks, and Packers in the next three weeks. The Eagles have to put together a complete performance if they want to win the division and host a home playoff game. Being brutalized by the Giants doesn’t happen to championship contenders.   

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