Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz Step Up to The Plate

By: Kylan Watson

The country is still in turmoil because of the death of George Floyd on May 25th, an unarmed black man killed in police custody in Minneapolis Minnesota. Many athletes have been voicing their displeasure at what happened to him. Usually its mostly black athletes, but this time it is a little different as a chorus of white athletes are stepping up to the plate as well. Two of these voices are Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz two star players from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Wentz and Ertz in two separate social media posts voiced their support for the African-American community.  Wentz and Ertz are no strangers to using their voices and platforms to amplify causes.

Wentz and his AO1 Foundation sponsor a food truck to feed the hungry and less fortunate in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. He also has done mission trips to Haiti and is working on building a youth sports arena there as well. Ertz also does a lot of work along with his wife Julie through the Ertz Family Foundation as well.  They donated 100-thousand dollars to Philabundance for Covid-19 relief. So, lending their voices for important causes is right up their alley.

Usually after an unarmed black man is killed in police custody. There is a chorus of mostly black athletes talking about how outrageous the incident was and that as a country we must do better. While white athletes remain mostly silent.

During times like these the voices of white athletes are needed in support and amplification of their fellow athletes. For the first time in awhile we are seeing athletes like Wentz and Ertz using their platform to amplify the voices of their brothers in arms.

It has not gone unnoticed many of their former teammates like Torrey Smith talked about how important it was for Wentz and Ertz to use their voices.

“You didn’t have to say a thing but you did. Love you bro.” Smith wrote to Wentz.

With white athletes like them stepping up to the plate maybe more will feel free to step up to the plate.  Using their voices and platforms to amplify and help not just the black community, but all underrepresented communities in the country.

Agree or disagree let your thoughts be heard!!!

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