Eagles Chose Fit Over Talent

By: Kylan Watson

The most drama filled part of the 2020 NFL Draft happened after the 11th pick by the New York Jets. Where the wide receiver sweepstakes began. The later it got in the draft the more a lot of Eagles fans thought they could get CeeDee Lamb only to have the dream crushed by the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles for their part in one of the most surprising moves of the draft the Eagles chose Jalen Reagor from Texas Christian University. With that selection the team valued fit over talent.

Reagor is a five foot and 11 inches speedy receiver. He had 611 yards, averaged 14.2 yards per game, and caught five touchdown passes. He also ran a 4.47 speed in the combine and then ran a 4.22 in his virtual combine.

A knock on him is he had the third highest drop rate of receivers in college football. While most Eagles fans will hear that and shutter. Reagor was severely affected by having a revolving door at quarterback and his stats suffered. However, if you look at the tape, he is very versatile. TCU used him in the slot and on the outside. They also used him for jet sweeps as well. If he brings that versatility to the pros. He could be a deadly combination with Miles Sanders for the Eagles. Reagor has been compared to Desean Jackson and Steve Smith.

The Eagles acquired a receiver who can do something that only Desean Jackson can do for the Eagles. Which is blow the top off a defense and provide more room for Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert.

General Manager Howie Roseman said the Eagles are valuing speed above all else in their offseason moves and with the acquisition of Reagor that could not be more apparent. The Eagles are taking an approach that the Kansas City Chiefs used to win a super bowl title which is just we have more speed and versatility than a defense can deal with.

Reagor unfortunately will be forever associated with Lamb who he will see two times a year. If his talent translates, he will prove a lot of people wrong and make Roseman and Pederson look like geniuses.

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