Ruggs III The Playmaker The Eagles Need

By: Kylan Watson

One of the biggest problems for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2019-2020 season was the receiving core. The wide receivers’ core was arguably the most hyped thing about the team. They managed to reacquire DeSean Jackson, had Alshon Jeffery returning from injury and Nelson Agholor looking for a big contract. Jackson and Jeffery would fall to early season injuries which derailed the offense for the Eagles. The biggest need for them entering the 2020 NFL Draft is to get a playmaker who can grow with Carson Wentz. That playmaker is Henry Ruggs III.

Ruggs III is a speedy wide receiver out of the University of Alabama. He had 40 receptions, caught seven touchdown passes, and averaged 18.6 yards per game. He was also one member of Alabama’s two-headed monster at wide receiver. At the combine Ruggs ran a 4.27 time in the 40-yard dash.

Two of Ruggs III’s biggest weaknesses are his size and route running ability. He is not as tall as most coaches and fans would like. Most prefer receivers to be six feet and above. Ruggs III is undersized at five feet and 11 inches. Another critique of Ruggs game was his ability to run a route he was the second option after his teammate Jerry Jeudy, who is also in the draft.

Ruggs III did not get the opportunity to answer the questions of team executives because of the effect of Coronavirus in the United States. So most General Managers and Head Coaches are relying on game tape, and virtual meetings to answer some of their questions

The Eagles are one of four teams vying for the opportunity to get Ruggs III. If the Eagles want him, they will most likely have to trade up to acquire him. They currently have the 21st pick in the first round of the NFL Draft.

If they found a willing team and manage to get Ruggs III. The Eagles would be getting the perfect wide receiver for what they love to do. The Eagles run a West Coast offensive set, and head coach Doug Pederson values speedy and reliable wide receiver.

The Eagles also have the perfect mentor for Ruggs III in DeSean Jackson. Jackson is also an undersized and speedy receiver who could mentor him and help Ruggs III with his route running ability.

Having him and Jackson in the same offensive set would be a deadly combination. Both would blow the tops off opposing defenses and allow Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery to have more room to operate. Wentz would then have a reliable receiver who he can make a star.

Ruggs III is the playmaker the Eagles cannot afford to miss out on. GM Howie Roseman needs to do everything he can to get him to Philadelphia.

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