(Rumor) Jonesing For A Bruising

Jerry Jones is one of the most powerful owners in the National Football League (NFL). However, lately he has not been getting his way. One of his star players, Ezekiel Elliott now has to serve his six game suspension for domestic abuse. Jones also lost the battle to force players to stand for the national anthem last month.   Jones may lose the Cowboys franchise, because some of his fellow owners are discussing the possibility of taking his stake in the Cowboys away from him, according to Mike Florio of NBC Sports. Jones is an owner that is in an unfamiliar position, he is not getting his way and a substantial portion of his fellow owners do not agree with him.

The main reason Jones finds himself in this position is because of his new obsession with taking on NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell. Jones has been furious with Goodell for his refusal to end the national anthem protest started by Colin Kaepernick. Jones believes that the reason ratings are down for NFL games is because of the national anthem protest. Last month, Jones lost that battle, when Goodell and other owners refused to infringe upon the first amendment rights of its players, by making them stand for the national anthem.

Jones has been using every avenue available to him to make Goodell pay for not doing what Jones wanted him to do. The recent battlefield Jones has chosen, is doing everything he can to stop Goodell from getting a contract extension.  Jones is threatening to sue the NFL, and is now in a public fight with Falcons owner Arthur Blank over Goodell’s contract.

Jones is now becoming what he feared the protests would become a distraction to the league. Jones continues to fight Goodell and his fellow owners and continues to isolate himself. Now it seems that there are some owners who are willing to stand up to Jones and vote him out of the league. Jones may have forgotten Newton’s Third Law which says, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The reaction from the NFL may be to vote him out of the league.

Jones must ask himself is he really willing to risk his ownership stake in the Cowboys to prove a point to Goodell. Especially, when ultimately it is Roger Goodell that decides whether to keep Jones as an owner or not.

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