Carson Wentz Becoming The “Face of the Franchise” and Undisputed Leader Of The Eagles

Things are very different for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz this summer. He is the number one quarterback on the Eagles depth chart, and is showing signs of being more comfortable with his role this year than last year, at the start of training camp. The Eagles offense has now been built for Wentz and his teammates, coaches, and fans are expecting him to improve dramatically, entering his sophomore season in the National Football League (NFL).

When training camp started last year, the debate around Wentz was rather he would play at all during his rookie season. He was third on the depth chart behind Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel. The Eagles coaching staff did not want to throw Wentz to the wolves early in the 2016 season. They wanted Wentz to sit out his rookie season and develop under Bradford and Daniel. However, as training camp and the preseason progressed. The Vikings and Eagles made a trade that sent Sam Bradford to the Vikings. Due to this trade, Wentz became the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, for the 2016-2017 NFL season.

Wentz led the Eagles to a 7-9 record. Despite the record, he had a solid rookie season. Wentz completed 62.9% of his passes, threw for 3,782 yards, completed 16 touchdown passes, and threw 14 interceptions.  Through his play, Wentz proved that he was ready to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, and the new “Face of the franchise.”

Wentz has also emerged as the leader of the Philadelphia Eagles during the off-season. According to Jeff McLane, “When the Eagles quarterback hosted his offensive lineman at his expansive South Jersey Property in April, he didn’t hire a caterer or cook. He tenderized the rib eye and strip steaks himself and manned the grill.”

Wentz has not only been hosting his offensive lineman for cookouts, and taking care of them by giving each one of them Silver Pigeon Berettas, at the end of last season. reports that, Wentz also hosted his wide receivers in his hometown of Fargo, North Dakota.   Doing things like this have not only made Wentz more of a team leader, but these activities have shown that Wentz wants to get to know each of his teammates on the offensive side, on a personal level.

Wentz is becoming a leader on and off the field and his teammates, coaches, and fans are hoping that the emergence of Carson Wentz. Along with the new additions the Eagles made during the off-season. Will propel the team into a playoff spot in the 2017-2018 NFL season.

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