Irving Wants Out

Cleveland Cavaliers Point Guard, Kyrie Irving wants to be traded. ESPN is reporting that Irving informed the team in a meeting last week, that he wants out of Cleveland.  Irving has been an integral part of the Cavaliers success, but it seems he is tired of being LeBron James sidekick. If the Cavs grant Irving’s request and trade him, this will mark the end of the Cavaliers dominance in the East.

Irving has been a Cavalier for six seasons. This past season Irving played 35.1 minutes per game, scored 25.2 points per game, he averaged 5.8 assists per game, and grabbed 3.2 rebounds per game. Irving has not played a full season during his career because of being injury prone.

He is a key player for the Cavs, and if the Cavs lose Irving it will add to an already tumultuous off-season. In which, the Cavs fired their General Manager David Griffin. Griffin lost a power struggle between him, and Cavs owner, Daniel Gilbert. Losing Irving will probably end the Cavs dominance in the Eastern Conference.

Irving prefers to be traded to the San Antonio Spurs. Irving is also opened to being traded to the Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the New York Knicks.

The addition of Irving would be valuable for the Spurs who are looking for a better option at point guard. Irving would also be the dynamic star San Antonio is looking for, to pair with All-Star Forward, Kawhi Leonard. The duo of Irving and Leonard would be a duo that may rival Curry and Durant.  Irving would also make the Spurs a huge threat, to the Golden State Warriors chances of coming out of the Western Conference.

Kyrie may want to be the number one option for his next team, but he must find another all-star to partner with. When Irving was the leader of the Cavs, the team won 21 games his rookie year in 2011, 24 games in 2012, and 33 games in 2013. When Irving leads the team, and has nothing else around him, that leads to a losing season for the organization he is apart of.

Irving is one of the best point guards in the National Basketball Association (NBA), but he may want to slow down on being a number one option. He has not played a full season in his career. As it stands right now, Irving would be a fantastic addition to any team that trades for him, but he is a second option not a main option.


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