76ers draft Ben Simmons

The Philadelphia 76ers management has informed LSU Power Forward Benjamin Simmons, that they intend to select him with the number one overall pick in the National Basketball Association’s Draft on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Simmons will be the third number one pick in 76ers history. He joins Allen Iverson and Doug Collins as a 76ers top draft pick. Simmons will bring hope and talent to a 76ers franchise that has been horrible to watch for the last three years.

The Sixers hope that Simmons can bring his talent and skills and immediately make it an impact on the floor. This is something that most of the 76ers draft picks have failed to do. Simmons will join last year’s top pick Power Forward Jahlil Okafor, and hopefully bring playoff basketball back to the City of Philadelphia. The Sixers have not been in the playoffs in seven years.

The Sixers also may have a big three now that Center Joel Embiid has been cleared to play. Embiid was drafted by the Sixers in 2014 and has not played in two years because of a foot injury. The Sixers now have a core group to build around.

Simmons has been compared to Lebron James talent and skill wise, and if he is anything like Lebron James. The Sixers, fans, and the City of Philadelphia will be very happy and not regret taking him on Thursday night.

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