Cannon Balled Bucs

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles traveled to Florida to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a battle of unbeaten teams. It took Philly’s offense a little while to get going but when they got going, they ran the Buccaneers off their home field. Using their explosive run game and finally getting the passing game going as they dominated Tampa 25-11.

The Eagles defensive line came to play tonight as they were able to dominate Tampa’s offensive line. They single-handedly wrecked any of the offensive plans the Buccaneers had. Tampa could not get their run game going as the duo of Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter wrecked any ideas the Bucs had of ever getting positive yardage with their run game. When Baker Mayfield went back to throw the ball, he either had to get the ball out quickly or end up on the ground. He was sacked twice today and turned the ball over once. The Eagles pressure forced two turners in three minutes and if the defensive line can continue dominating opposing offensive lines until the end of the season. The Eagles will appear in the super bowl again because their defensive line can keep the team afloat until the offense gets it together.

On the defensive performance tonight, “I love this defense. No one is worried about who’s the next man in here,” said Carter.

Tonight was one of those nights where the defense kept the game alive until the offense finally showed its face. This was one of Brian Johnson’s better called games as he finally mixed in quick passes with the run game and the offense looked better in this contest than it did the last two weeks. AJ Brown had a 100-yard plus receiving game and D’Andre Swift had another 100-yard plus rushing game. When those two both show up in a game most people would think that Philadelphia would dominate the contest. However, because of the Eagles offensive failures to cash-in on red zone opportunities this game appears closer than it ever should have been. Philly will have to clean that up especially as they prepare for a showdown with the Miami Dolphins in a couple of weeks. If they want to keep up with them, they will need to cash in on every red zone opportunity.

Philadelphia will now prepare for the Washington Commanders on Sunday Afternoon. This will give them another opportunity to get right offensively. They will need to keep drive alive to wear out the talented Commanders defensive line. If they can cash in on their offensive opportunities and the defensive line has another dominant performance the Eagles will earn their fourth victory of the young season.

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