Massacred Giants

By: Kylan Watson

After two weeks to prepare for their Divisional Playoff matchup against the New York Giants. The Eagles opened the playoffs by reclaiming their dominance in all-phases of the game as they ran and threw the Giants out of the Lincoln Financial Field 38-7. They now move on to the NFC Championship game against the winner of tomorrow’s matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.

What usually happens after the Wildcard weekend is everyone forgets about the top seed in each conference because they were off that week and there’s a tendency to forget how dominant the one seed is. During their time off the Eagles clearly heard all the noise that they were a fraudulent one seed, and they clearly took their frustration out on the Giants. They got the ball first and immediately Jalen Hurts found Devonta Smith 30-yards down the field to set the Eagles up for a nine-yard opening touchdown pass to Smith to really set the tone for the rest of this game. Hurts carved the Giants up with surgical precision, if there were lingering effects from his sprained shoulder it did not show-up tonight.  This game was over by half-time. He completed 16/24 passes for 154 yards, and completed two touchdown passes. His return to form allowed the Eagles to score 28 of their 38-points by half-time. Additionally, they had New York looking like a Junior Varsity High School football team instead of a professional football team throughout most of this contest.  The Giants just did not have the horses to keep-up with this well rested Philly squad.

On the team’s performance tonight, “We let them do the talkin’, we did the whippin,” said Eagles Defensive Back Darius Slay Jr.

All of the confidence the Giants had evaporated when Haason Reddick and the rest of the Eagles defensive front put Daniel Jones on the ground within the first few minutes of the contest. He had back-to-back game-breaking sacks on Jones which stopped the Giants offensive momentum. If it was not him blowing up the Giants gameplan it was Josh Sweat who threw Saquon Barkley to the ground and made sure New York could not get their dynamic run game off the tracks. This was a return to form for a defensive front that led the league in sacks and if I am Dallas or San Francisco I am concerned for my offensive lines because the Giants had a fully healthy line and the Eagles ran threw them like they were not even there to put Jones on the ground what are they going to do to Brock Purdy or an up and down Dak Prescott. The Eagles had four sacks tonight and it probably felt like more than that to the Giants offensive line and Daniel Jones they made sure their presence was felt throughout the contest.

Now the Eagles will prepare to host the NFC Championship game on Sunday afternoon and they will either see a familiar foe in the Dallas Cowboys or a team they haven’t faced since last year the San Francisco 49ers. Against both teams it will be important for the Eagles to take full advantage of their offensive opportunities and make sure that they make both teams pay for defensive mistakes and cash-in on scoring opportunities. Both squads have stingy defenses so the Eagles will need to make sure they have a balanced offensive attack like they had tonight. It did not matter if it was through the air or on the ground the Eagles made sure the Giants felt them. That’s what they will have to do against either the Cowboys or the 49ers make sure to take advantage of your dominant offensive line and run the ball. Additionally, Philly will need to continue to get pressure on the quarterback to force either Brock Purdy or Dak Prescott to turn the ball over and if they can do that the Eagles can reach their second super bowl in five years.

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