Rocked Pistons

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia 76ers faced the young and athletic Detroit Pistons who were looking to end Philly’s win streak. However, it was not to be as Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, and James Harden carried the Sixers over the finish line. They beat Detroit 113-93 and extended the win streak to six games.

The Sixers used their ball movement once again to put the Pistons on their heels. That allowed them to get some high-percentage shots and the trio of Embiid (22-points), Harden (15-points), and Harris (17-points) did whatever they wanted against the overmatched Detroit defenders. They combined for 54 of Philly’s 113-points. The trio has allowed Philly to have one of the deadliest offensive attacks in the NBA. Harris has continued his hot streak from the three-point line (he is hitting 59% of his threes in December which leads the league), which has kept the paint open for Embiid and Harden to attack it. The Sixers will probably get Tyrese Maxey back in the next few weeks, which can only add to the defensive headache they are becoming for opposing teams.

Detroit continued to fight despite the offensive explosion from Embiid, Harden, and Harris. Their rookie sensation Jaden Ivey led them as he scored 18-points and was one of the lone positives for them tonight. He got whatever he wanted from the field as he used his quickness and athleticism to get by defenders and get them in foul trouble and create open shot opportunities for his teammates. He kept the Pistons in this game way longer than they should have been, but then the Sixers started double teaming and trapping him which forced him to get rid of the ball. His teammates could not help him out tonight and the Sixers were able to pull-away thanks to their defensive intensity and ball movement.

Philly will now prepare for the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night. They will need to keep the ball moving on offense to take advantage of LA’s defensive aggressiveness and continue to get high-percentage shots. Additionally, they will need to stay attached to their man as the Clippers love to shoot three-pointers when given the opportunities. Philly needs to make sure that every shot they take is contested if they want to get their 19th win of the season.

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