Smashed Titans

By: Kylan Watson

Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver AJ Brown clearly had this contest against the Tennessee Titans circled on his calendar. He showed out against his former team as he burned them for two touchdowns. Giving the Titans backfield fits as he and Jalen Hurts propelled Philly to a 35-10 blow-out victory over the Titans.

The Eagles came into this game with a plan to attack the Titans in the passing game, and they executed the game plan to perfection. Jalen Hurts carved them up like a turkey that was devoured last week. The knife today was the deep ball. He found AJ Brown twice today once wide open on a double move post route. The second touchdown catch was a dart from Hurts’ arm that he did not have to move to catch. The Titans corner had him covered and he still caught it. The chemistry between Hurts and Brown was on point today and this multi-faceted offensive unit has clearly gotten off the blocks. Hurts completed 29/39 passes for 380 yards, and completed three touchdown passes. After today’s game and his continued development in the passing game, he is clearly one of the top contenders in the MVP race. If he continues his upward trend, there is not much an opposing defense can do to stop them. When they have to deal with the best and most multi-faceted offense in the league.

On if this was the way he saw it going down against his former team, “No, this isn’t the game I envision. Even bigger day,” said Brown.

On defense the Eagles shutdown Derrick Henry one of the best running backs in the league. The defensive line took full advantage of an overmatched Titans offensive line. They sacked Ryan Tannehill six times and even when he had time to throw there was a hand in his face. He was not comfortable all day today and that was thanks to the Eagles front seven. Who have continued to make their presence felt in the Eagles past two games against the Packers and Titans. If the Eagles can dominate in all facets of the game like they did tonight they will be hard to stop when the playoffs start.

There one weakness in today’s game were the 12 penalties they committed this afternoon.  A couple of their offensive drives were stifled by false start penalties. They will need to get that cleaned up especially when they face the New York Giants next week, who have a talented defensive line. They cannot continue to back themselves up on offense and give them a chance to get to Jalen Hurts. If the Eagles want to get their 12th victory of the season they will need to attack the Giants secondary through the passing game, like they did today against Tennessee.

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