Stabled Colts

By: Kylan Watson

After a powerful team loses one game. They can do one of two things make some adjustments for the next game, or they can fold and let the losses pile up. The Eagles were faced with this dilemma today as they played an Indianapolis Colts squad that was in the midst of the we fired our coach and got a victory bump. Jalen Hurts refused to let his team lose today as he had his I’m a star moment as he put the Eagles ahead with his legs, and powered them to a come from behind 17-to-16 victory over Indianapolis.

The Eagles did not have it on the offensive side throughout this game, the offense was colder than the snow that is currently piling up in Orchard Park in Buffalo, NY.  They made too many mistakes and were set back by some dumb penalties. Philly had a drive that was killed by back-to-back-t0-back errors that forced them to have to move the ball 35-yards down the field to get back into field goal position.  The offense just could not get out of its own way. After being undone by four turnovers last week the Eagles did all they could to help the Colts extend their win streak to two games. They fumbled the ball two-times today and Philly’s defense held them in check after each one.

Unlike the Eagles the Colts went right down the field and had their drive capped off by a Jonathan Taylor touchdown run. However, after being gashed on the opening possession the Eagles made some adjustments on defense. They put their new acquisitions of Linval Joseph and Ndamukong Suh to work. To clog up the middle of the field worse than King of Prussia Mall traffic on I-76. The Colts got nothing out of their rushing attack after that opening touchdown and would not score another touchdown throughout the game. It is hard to stop Taylor, but the Eagles did it in today’s game thanks to their new run stopping duo. Suh and Joseph combined for a pivotal sack on Matt Ryan to give the Eagles the ball back late in the fourth quarter.

The opportunity to get the ball back was all that Jalen Hurts needed. He refused to let his team lose in their final drive of the contest. He used his legs throughout most of this offensive possession. There was nothing the Colts could do to stop him. Hurts was the best rusher in today’s game, and he made Indianapolis pay on that final drive, Hurts took the ball seven yards down the field untouched, for the game-winning touchdown to put Philly ahead. With his performance today Hurts vaulted himself into the upper echelon of quarterbacks in the NFL. Not many quarterbacks in the league besides Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen could use their legs to devastate a defense. That’s some exclusive company to be apart of. Hurts proved that he isn’t the same quarterback he was last year and if the Eagles can find a way to get their passing attack going in the absence of Dallas Goedert. They can have one of the deadliest multi-faceted offenses in the NFL.

On what the mindset of the team was heading into that final drive, “We all thought about going down and winning the game. We’d been saying be consistent stop making mistakes finally happened,” said Eagles center Jason Kelce.

The Eagles have a great opponent to get their passing game going against next week as they face the Green Bay Packers. Who have a secondary that leaves much to be desired in the passing game. If they can find a way to scheme their receivers open the Eagles can finally get back to their old ways in the passing game and get their 10th victory of the season.

On how the team is feeling after their victory, “Special feeling. What could we have done to put ourselves in better position. Put a lot of work in to prepare to play. Perfection will never be caught but why not chase it every day. Never wavered throughout the game. We were never out of the fight. Never any doubt,” said Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts.

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