Pecked Sixers

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia 76ers and Atlanta Hawks for their first matchup of the 2022-2023 NBA season. This was an ugly game throughout as both teams struggled to find their offensive footing. However, it was Atlanta who found a way to out execute Philly and win 104-92.

The Sixers could not find their offensive rhythm they played like a team that played on Wednesday night. Early in the first quarter they only made two shots and Atlanta took full advantage of the power outage. Trae Young (26-points) and Clint Capella (18-points) led them, they combined for 44 of Atlanta’s 104 points.  The duo got whatever they wanted from the field, Young especially was emboldened throughout the game as he would attack Philly’s defense from the perimeter and the paint. When he would miss a shot Capella was there to grab the rebound and score. He imposed his will on this game and got Joel Embiid in foul trouble.  Philly just did not have the horses to keep up with them.

On the defensive end Philly did the best they could to keep other players at bay and this game was a very winnable one for the Sixers. They just could not take advantage of the multiple opportunities they had to get back in the game. Credit to the Hawks because they forced the Sixers to turn the ball over 17-times and they got points off of most of these turnovers. Philly could not get their offense off the ground in this game. They are missing a big playmaker in James Harden, and it showed in this game no one other than Joel Embiid (26-points) had anything working in this game.

The Sixers need to get another playmaking guard who can force the ball to move and find his teammates in their sweet spots. This game was lost in the third quarter when Embiid went to the bench and Philly could not make a shot. The ball got stuck and Atlanta was able to force more turnovers and get out to a 10-nothing scoring run. That run was the difference in this contest. Before that run the game was within reach for them. They just missed too many shots tonight and since Harden won’t be back most likely until December. The Sixers will need to move the ball to maximize their offensive capabilities.

Philly will need to find the team that showed up on Monday night and had the Suns on their heels. This version of the Sixers that showed up tonight couldn’t beat the Hawks. Who didn’t do much tonight to win this game besides outexecuting them. When the Sixers look at the tape, they will see an offense that struggled and a defense that gave up too many second chance opportunities to the Hawks. They will need to get that corrected if they want to beat them on Saturday night.

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