Snapped Sixers

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors renewed their budding playoff rivalry in game five of their playoff series. The Sixers need to win one game to finish the Raptors off. Tonight was not their night they could not hit a shot and the Raptors were able to take full advantage. Toronto executed better and got easier opportunities and beat Philly at their own game 103-88.

The Sixers did not answer the challenge tonight. They could not hit a shot in the first two quarters. Not hitting shots on the offensive end allowed the Raptors to take full advantage of Philly not being set on the defensive end. Joel Embiid (20-points) and Danny Green (14-points) were only the Sixers who answered the call tonight. They combined for 34 of Philly’s 88-points.  For Philly when they look bad on this game it was lost in the second quarter when they didn’t score a basket for eight minutes. They will need to stop settling for jump shots and start playing more aggressively and with more energy if they want to send Toronto home on Thursday night.

On what happened tonight, “We didnt bring the fight tonight,” said Sixers Power Forward Tobias Harris.

Unlike the Sixers the Raptors were able to get their shots and play their game. They got the easier shots and executed better than Philly tonight. They were able to beat Philly to their spots and get easier basket and make everything difficult for the Sixers on the defensive end.  Pascal Siakam led them, he scored 23-points and got whatever he wanted from the field. He attacked the basket and got Joel Embiid and foul trouble. Their gameplan seemed to be attack the paint and get the offensive rebound. Toronto has answered the call on both sides of the ball. They have their backs against the wall and they have been able to take Philly out of their game. They have all the momentum and will have a chance to get another win on their home floor on Thursday night.

If Philly wants to get the victory on Thursday they will need to find that Sixers team that showed up in the first three games. They need to use more ball movement and take advantage of Toronto’s over aggressiveness. They will need to match the Raptors energy. They are a desperate team and the Sixers have to match that energy if they want to move on to the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

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