Shot Sixers

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia 76ers were riding high after beating the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night. They faced a game Los Angeles Clipper squad who was looking to get their first win of the season over Philly. Despite Philly’s best efforts the Clippers were able to use a late game offensive surge to beat them 102-101.

The Sixers did not start the game well. They were missing their shots early on and the Clippers took full advantage. They were able to hit their shots early on and take the early advantage. Philly was able to respond in the second quarter as Joel Embiid took over. He scored 40-points and the Clippers had no answers for him. Embiid was able to get whatever he wanted from the field and made LA play for daring to give him space.  He has continued to finding his stride and the Sixers have continued to rocket up the Eastern Conference standings.

Despite the offensive explosion from Embiid, the Clippers were able to weather the early storm and took full advantage of the casual play by the Sixers second unit in the third quarter. The Clippers were able to hit their shots off the turnovers and were able to shoot their way back into the game and finally retake the lead. They were led by Reggie Jackson who scored 19-points. He was able to take advantage of Philly’s defenders giving him too much space. He was able to attack the paint and get into a rhythm and Philly had no answers for him. His ability to attack the paint allowed the Clippers shooters to have wide-open opportunities from beyond the arc.

On what happened in tonight’s game, “We have a lot of guys out and that could contribute but that’s not an excuse…. We gotta be better prepared and know our assignments,” said Embiid.

LA’s ability to hit their shots especially late in the game ultimately doomed Philly. However, they still had a chance to win the game and Tyrese Maxey missed the game winner. Philly will now prepare for the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday night. They will need to play better perimeter defense, and have a more balanced scoring night from somebody else. If they want to get their 27th victory of the season.

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