Mounted Lions

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles faced the Detroit Pistons, looking to get their first win in the month of October. They were also trying to find some offensive rhythm against Detroit’s defensive unit. They found their offensive rhythm in this game. Philly used their rushing attack to pound the Lions 44-to-six.

It started out well for Philly they were able to capitalize on some mistakes by Detroit’s defensive unit. They were able to score four rushing touchdowns and gain 236 rushing yards. That’s the most rushing yards Philly has had all season. Nick Sirianni finally put his money where his mouth was and ran the ball. By rediscovering the rushing attack, life was so much easier for Jalen Hurts who was able to rush for 71 yards and he had time to throw the ball.

Philly was able to stifle Detroit’s offensive unit through pressuring Jared Goff. The Eagles took full advantage of the Lions inexperienced offensive line. They got six sacks the most they’ve had in the last two games. The pressure really affected Goff, when he had time he was throwing the ball away or missing his receivers. They also were able to force two turnovers from the Lions as well.

This was easily the best coached and played game of the season for the Eagles. They had everything working in all phases of the game.  It was a get right game for Philly. Now they will prepare to face the Los Angeles Chargers next Sunday. They will need to find a way to get some pressure on Justin Herbert if they want to get their fourth win of the season.

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