Dropped Eagles

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles had it all in front of them as they faced the San Francisco 49ers. They had won seven of the last nine matchups between the two teams, and San Francisco made the trip to Philly for the home opener. Unfortunately for Philadelphia they still had to play the game and the Niners made them pay for missing opportunities. San Francisco was able to beat a tough Philly squad 17-11.

Philly had it working early in the game. They were able to dominate San Francisco in all facets of the game. On defense they dominated the Niners O-line and got a lot of pressure on Jimmy Garoppolo. They also were able to disrupt their running game as well.

While San Francisco went through a first-half power outage. Philly squandered multiple chances to put them away. They had a chance to take a six-to-nothing advantage early in the second quarter. The 49ers were able to block the field goal attempt and stop them from cashing in on a long drive. The Eagles would then have a touchdown catch from receiver Jalen Reagor taking off the board because he went out of balance and caught the pass anyway. They also did not convert at the goal-line and the 49ers took advantage of that and scored a touchdown to retake the lead by half-time.

On what happened in the game, “There’s nothing to talk about. We just got our teeth kicked in, ” said Fletcher Cox.

That is all San Francisco needed as Garoppolo would score a late touchdown to put the game away. When the Eagles look at the film on this one not only did, they leave points on the board, but they failed to get pressure on Garoppolo. They will need to find a way to get some sacks and get the offense working again as they get ready for a Monday night match-up with the Dallas Cowboys next week.

On team adjustments, “..Round three is coming up. Have to put ourselves in position to win rd three by working hard to put ourselves in position to win next week,” said Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni.

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