Stolen Thunder

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia 76ers were looking to rebound after getting destroyed by the Pelicans last night. They were looking to rebound as they faced the Oklahoma City Thunder. They dominated the Pelicans from the opening tip thanks to an offensive surge which propelled them to a 117-93 victory.

From the opening tip off Philly jumped on OKC. Guard/Forward Ben Simmons imposed his will on the Thunder. He scored 10 of his 13-points within the first six minutes of the game. He was active on both sides of the ball and got his teammates involved. Guard Furkan Korkmaz also made his presence felt as he also scored 10 of his 20-points in the first quarter as well. When the defense would key on Simmons, he would find Korkmaz for a wide open three-pointer or he would attack the basket. Both combined for 20 of the 37-points they scored in the first quarter.

On Simmons’ performance, “He’s a playmaker, and he wants to be a playmaker. He wants to get everybody involved. But at times you also need to just be aggressive and make the guys on the other teams guard him,” said Embiid.

The Thunder were dominated through out the game. However, they continued to fight during the game. They were able to cut the Sixers lead to 10-points in the third quarter. Their run was ultimately ended by center Joel Embiid. He scored 27-points and was the anchor for Philly on defense. He effectively shut the paint down for the Thunder. When they would try to attack the basket, he would either change the shot or block the shot. He had four blocks in the contest. This was a better scoring night for Embiid and the Philly offense.

On his performance and whether he’s the MVP, “”I still think I’m right there – I still think I’m the MVP. I’ve been dominant all season,” said Embiid.

They were able to take advantage of the Thunder and were hitting shots that just were not going down last night. Philly now has a prime-time matchup with the surging Dallas Mavericks on Monday night. They will need to have another strong night on defense to shutdown the Mavericks shooters and Luka Doncic.

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