Strengthening Sixers

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia 76ers are getting stronger after facing a tough portion of their schedule. They are finally getting back to full strength, and they could not pick a better opponent to get back to nearly full strength against in the Boston Celtics. Philly was able to use those healthier parts to beat them 117-109.

It looked good early for the Sixers they were able to get out to an early lead over the Celtics. Powered by a returning  Joel Embiid and forward Tobias Howard who combined for 21 of the Sixers 32-points in the first quarter. Having Embiid and Harris helped the Sixers stay in the game after Boston came roaring back and took a three-point lead, and they were threatening to run away with it.

Embiid continued to power his team especially as the rest of the team could not hit anything in the third quarter. He scored 42-points and grabbed 10 rebounds. This was Embiid’s 10th career 40-point game. He was a force on both sides of the ball and whether it was forcing a turnover or getting a timely block. He kept his team alive and helped them get their 10th win of the season.

On Embiid’s performance, “”It’s not sort of, it’s for sure MVP caliber. Night after night, he controls the paint, controls the game. I think he is for sure putting on an MVP year,” said Harris.

They needed all his points as the Celtics got a big scoring effort from forward Jaylen Brown and guard Marcus Smart. They combined for 51 of Boston’s 109-points. The Celtics did not look like a team that haven’t played a game in a few weeks. They played Philly tough and continue to show them they are also a force to be reckon with.

As the Sixers prepare for their final game of this two-game match-up against the Celtics they may get guard Seth Curry back, and they will also need to find away to improve their perimeter defense and make things tough for Brown and Smart. The Sixers are now in first-place in the Eastern Conference and if they want to stay there they will need to have another big game again the Celtics.

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