Carved Sixers

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia 76ers were riding high as they entered a primetime match-up against the hungry Cleveland Cavaliers. This was a battle of the undefeated teams. The Cavaliers played like the more experienced team as they destroyed the Sixers 118-94. They achieved their first 3-0 start in franchise history.

The Sixers were down a weapon  in this game as center Joel Embiid did not play because of back stiffness. However, the Sixers have no excuses for their effort tonight. They played like they had double overtime game the night before. They played flatly on both sides of the ball. Other than forward Tobias Harris and guard Ben Simmons, no one else showed up.

Harris had another solid night he scored 16-points and was more aggressive. Simmons also had an ok night he scored 15-points. Both their efforts were negated though by the young and rising Cavaliers.

Who were able to get what they wanted on the offensive end. The Sixers could not stop them. They were able to attack them from the perimeter and the paint. The Cavs were led by Andre Drummond and Collin Sexton. Both combined for 46 of the Cavs 118 points. Drummond in particular was able to attack the Sixers defenders. He really led the way for them. Without Embiid he was able to get center Dwight Howard and foul trouble and take advantage of the smaller defender. He scored 24-points and grabbed 14 rebounds. He was like a new man out there because Embiid usually locks him down. 

When the Sixers tried to take Drummond away, Sexton was able to attack from the perimeter and the paint because the Sixers gave him so much room to operate he had his choice on what type of shot he wanted to take. Sexton scored 22-points and had another solid night against the Sixers.

On the defensive effort, “It was like a layup drill for them,” said Simmons.

The Cavs were able to take advantage of 21 turnovers from the Sixers which stopped their momentum and led to this blow out.  Even though this is their first loss of the season. However the effort without Embiid is concerning their was a lack of spacing on the floor which should not have been the case without him. Maybe Doc needs to insert Shake Milton into the line-up to get more spacing on the floor. To find away to get a more consistent shooter in the game. They are trying to implement a new system in a shortened season so maybe with time they will look like a new team.

However, with the Toronto Raptors coming up on Tuesday night the Sixers will need to find a way to get a better and more complete scoring performance from someone not named Joel Embiid. 

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