Brown Out

By: Kylan Watson

In 2013, the Philadelphia 76ers hired Brett Brown as their new head coach. Brown came from San Antonio and was a promising coaching talent. Who was entrusted to take a depleted roster and keep them competitive. Brown shepherded the Sixers through a trying three years. Those years were filled with a lot of losing, and the promise that it would all be worth it once they got some generational talent. This era was called “The Process,” and for Brown his time in Philly came to an end today after being swept by the Boston Celtics yesterday in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

Brown coached the Sixers for seven years, and through most of that run he did not have the talent necessary to compete in the Eastern Conference. Brown’s main job was to keep the team competitive. He had to get the most out of players that would be on the bench on other rosters like Evan Turner, and Glen Robinson III.

However, when Brown finally got some talent to coach, he made the most of it. For the last three years he has coached the team to at least 50 wins and gotten them to the playoffs.  Last year, they were four bounces away from the Eastern Conference final.

This year though, the team just never gelled under Brown. He could not make the fit of forward Al Horford work with center Joel Embiid, and injuries kept the starting five from playing a full season together.

Ultimately, injuries and roster construction derailed a promising season for the Sixers and the fall guy was Brett Brown.

To some people Brown is the perfect coach to get them through a rebuild, but not the one to take them to the next level.

The Sixers must find that coach who can take them to the next level and build around forward Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. That person will have to find away to add pieces to a cash strapped roster.

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