Slipping Sixers

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia 76ers entered their Game 3 match-up against the Boston Celtics looking to put up a fight and get a victory. The good news for the Sixers they showed fight and fought the Celtics all throughout the game. However, the result was still the same the Celtics beat them 102-94. They now have a 3-0 lead in the series.

The Sixers did not take a lead in the game until late in the fourth quarter. They were down as many as nine, but center Joel Embiid continued to will his team to the finish line. He scored 30-points and grabbed 13 rebounds. He is the first Sixer to score 30-points and grab at least 10-rebounds since Charles Barkley in 1986.

Unfortunately for Embiid and the Sixers they fell short against the Celtics again, because of turnovers ate in the game. The Celtics were able to take advantage of weak ball protection by them.

Late in the game guard Shake Milton and Embiid were trying to run a pick and roll play and the Celtic defenders blew it up and were able to take the ball away from Milton. That led to guard Jaylen Brown being able to get an easy lay-up to tie the game up. 

The Sixers other weakness in this game was perimeter defense. They were able to stop forward Jayson Tatum, but couldn’t stop guard Kemba Walker. Walker picked up for his teammates and barred the brunt of the scoring load for the Celtics.

He scored 24-points and grabbed eight rebounds.  Walker hit a dagger perimeter shot to end the Sixers hopes of victory.

Through out the game the Celtics had an answer every time the Sixers rallied. If  they weren’t attacking from the perimeter, they were attacking the paint. 

For the Sixers they fought throughout the game, but victory slipped through their hands. The main problem in this game for them was late game execution, and turnovers.

The Sixers will need some of their role players to step-up if they want to get a win in game 4 on Sunday night.   

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