Reality Check for the Eagles.

By: Kylan Watson

It was all right there for the Philadelphia Eagles a chance to take first place in the NFC East, after getting blown out by the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis last week. All the Eagles had to do was beat their division rival the Dallas Cowboys.  The Eagles could not answer the bell and got steamrolled by the Cowboys 37-10.

It looked good for the Eagles early in the 1st quarter. They were driving Carson Wentz connected on a slant pass with Tight End Dallas Goedert. He got stripped trying to fight for yardage by Jaylon Smith. That turnover set the Cowboys up in great position and Wide Receiver Tavon Austin would score a touchdown off a 20-yard rushing play. This gave the Cowboys early momentum in the game.

Eagles had another opportunity to take momentum back and Carson Wentz was stripped by Cowboys Defensive End DeMarcus Lawrence. That put the Cowboys on a short field and Ezekiel Elliott would score on a two-yard touchdown rush to put the Cowboys up by 14-points.

Turnovers were one of the things that doomed the Eagles.  They gave up four turnovers to the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles have given up seven turnovers in their last two games.

They also only were able to get two sacks on Dak Prescott. Prescott was barely touched throughout the game. He was able to carve up the Eagles secondary for 239 yards, he completed one touchdown and had a rushing touchdown.

If anybody thought the return of Jalen Mills would help the Eagles secondary.  It did not, Mills could not cover up for lack of communication in the secondary. One instance of this showed up on Prescott’s one touchdown completion happened because the Eagles called an all-out blitz. Prescott saw it audibled out and sent his tight end Blake Jarwin into the flat for an easy touchdown pass to take advantage of the mistake by the Eagles.

All these things allowed the Cowboys to give the Eagles a harsh dose of reality.

It was all right there for the Eagles but early turnovers and lack of effort in all phases of the game doomed them.  It is gut check time for the Eagles they are 3-4 and need a win to save what is left of their season. They could not get up for this division game against the Cowboys and with a match-up coming up on Sunday, October 27th, 2019 against the Buffalo Bills.

Doug Pederson will need to find away to get his guys to perform heading into a tough stretch of the season.

If the Eagles want to make the playoffs, they would have to beat most of the teams remaining on their schedule. This includes tough matchups against the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, and what could be a winner makes the playoffs match-up with the Cowboys in Philly in December.

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