Wentz Is Finding His Voice

By: Kylan Watson

In early June seeing Citizens Bank Park nearly filled is a welcome sight, and most people would believe it would be for a Philadelphia Phillies home game. However, on this night 25,000 people did not come to see a Phillies home game. They came to see their world champion Philadelphia Eagles play in the inaugural AO1 Foundation Charity Softball game, organized by Carson Wentz. Wentz is not only making his mark on the field, but also making it off the field and for the greater good.

Wentz is making a significant impact in the City of Philadelphia, not only did he play a key role in helping the Eagles win their first super bowl title in franchise history. He is also making an even bigger impact with his work for Haiti and other charitable work through his Audience of One (AO1) Foundation.

It is only Wentz’s third summer in Philly and he is already flexing his muscles beyond football thanks to the AO1 Foundation who organized this charity football game. Wentz was able to get most of his teammates to participate in the event, which featured a Home Run derby, and a game between Team Wentz and Team Hicks.  Wentz may not have been able to participate in the game due to his recovery from ACL surgery, but he was able to raise $850,000 dollars for the foundation. He also announced that he had raised $260,000 dollars to build a stadium in Haiti, which Wentz would match by also donating $260,000 dollars.

It takes most athletes a while to find their community service niche, but Wentz is not the average athlete. Wentz may have changed not only the culture of the Eagles, but he is also bringing a lot of hope to the City of Philadelphia and the world through his AO1 Foundation.

Wentz may be the athlete America needs during these turbulent political times, a man who is trying to change the world through his work, his foundation, and his Christian faith. Wentz has found his voice, and if he can duplicate his early success he will be a force to be reckoned with on and off the field.

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