Philly Finally Gets Playoff Basketball

By: Kylan Watson

For the first time in six years there will be playoff basketball played in the city of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia 76ers have completed their strong season by claiming the third seed in the Eastern Conference and earning a home playoff series for at least the first two rounds of the playoffs. This playoff journey closes the chapter of a long arduous process, which saw the Sixers suffer through at least eight years of terrible basketball. Those seasons of terrible basketball may be in the rearview mirror as the Sixers now have some young talent that has led them to the playoffs.

The Sixers went through a tough stretch of losing seasons.  For six years a lot of experts, fans, and sports personalities thought the Sixers would never be a competitive team in the league again. There were times when the best players on these different versions of the Sixers were named Elton Brand, Michael Carter-Williams, and Jahlil Okafor just to name a few.

These lean basketball years were dubbed “The Process,” by many in Philly. Well those lean basketball years allowed the Sixers to draft Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and Dario Saric. Together these four players make up the young and talented core of this team.  Due to their talent and play so far, the process may be completed.

The play of this young and talented core led the Sixers to a 52-30 record the, best record the Sixers have had, in a long-time and a 16-game winning streak. The Sixers have had an impressive regular season that surprised many people.

The Sixers were expected to limp into the playoffs after they lost Center Joel Embiid to an orbital fracture. He was the Sixers leading scorer and team leader. The loss of Embiid made the Sixers a stronger team. It opened opportunities for other players, who stepped up and make this team a formidable match-up for most teams in the Eastern Conference.

The city of Philadelphia is experiencing the return of playoff basketball, something many people thought was at least a year or two away. However, these Sixers have brought a dose of much needed energy and excitement to the sport of basketball in the city. Not only are the Sixers a competitive team again, but they are also a playoff team.  No matter what happens in the postseason, this is a successful season for a team that was picked to not be competitive in the Eastern Conference.

Philadelphia better get accustomed  to the sight of playoff basketball because if the Sixers can keep this young core intact, the city may get another parade down Broad Street.

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