The Music Industry is Bland No More!!!

By: Kylan Watson

 R&B music is loved by many fans because it speaks to their pain, happiness, and relationship status. There are many R &B and soul singers that are innovators of the genre. Artists like Prince, Sammie, Michael Jackson, Usher, James Brown, and many more.  Darnell Jr. is a new artist who may just change the R and B genre for the better.

Darnell Jr. has been influenced by some R&B artists.  Sammie specifically is the biggest musical influence on him.

Fans will be able to hear the influence of Sammie in Jr’s two newest singles, “Pretty” and “Boomerang.”

In “Pretty” Darnell Jr. talks about women being pretty and using their Instagram followers, social media pictures and other forms of media to show off. While not really knowing what kind of man they really want. Bland also explores the double life that some people lead between clubbing and being  a Christian as well. “Pretty” is a nice introduction to the type of artist Jr will be, one who is many layered and saying more in his music than the title of the song would suggest.

While “Pretty “is a great introduction to Jr as an artist “Boomerang” is a full coming of age single for Jr.  “Boomerang,” explores an on and off again relationship. Where the two people in the relationship may not be friends, but there is this attraction between them.  That keeps them coming back to each other like a boomerang. Even in this song Jr. manages to put in some deeper topics.

Darnell Jr. is an artist to watch in the R &B genre. Some people may think that it is a little early to mention him, in the same breath as some of the R&B greats. However, he has the talent and the drive to prove his doubters wrong. He will make sure that the R&B and music industries will not be bland for years to come.

Agree or disagree let your thoughts be heard!!!

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