A Killer Addition

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles just won their first super bowl championship a little over a month ago. If anybody thought that just because the Eagles are now the defending champions.  They would just sit back and let the other teams in the league improve, they would be wrong. The Eagles just completed a trade with the Seattle Seahawks to bring Michael Bennett and a seventh-round pick to Philadelphia for wide receiver Marcus Johnson and a fifth-round pick. The rich get richer as Bennett comes to a defensive line that was already a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks. With the addition of Bennett, the Eagles might have the best defensive line in the league.

The Philadelphia Eagles had one of the best defensive lines in the league this season. Led by Fletcher Cox who is one of the best defensive players in the NFL, Brandon Graham who made one of the best defensive plays in super bowl history with his strip sack of Tom Brady, and Chris Long who made a lot of big plays during the season.  The Eagles just added a defensive difference maker in Bennett, to a line that already has three of the best players on the defensive side of the ball.

Bennett had a great 2017 season he had 8.5 sacks, 25 tackles, and 15 tackle assists. If Bennett can duplicate half of the success he had with Seattle and take some of the pressure off Cox and Graham, then he will be a terrific addition to the Eagles.

Bennett also may have landed in the best situation for him. Bennett has not been shy about addressing social issues during his illustrious career. Bennett finds himself on the most socially active team in the league. The roster includes Malcolm Jenkins who has used his voice and power to change his community, and Chris Long who donated his first six game checks to his old high school in Charlotesville, VA and the rest to the School District of Philadelphia. Bennett is not only a welcome edition because of his play, but also for his activism within the community.

Bennett is a killer addition to a team that continues to gain talent on the defensive end of the ball. Fans and experts should expect many more moves from the Eagles.  The organization wants more titles, and if they can have a very good offseason, they just might be able to repeat.

One thought on “A Killer Addition

  1. Great article!! I believe the Philadelphia Eagles are in a process this off-season to balance themselves out & getting the kinks from out of their team that were shown a bit this past season. I believe Michael Bennett has a great chemistry addition to the team as he is coming from a very respectable team, the Seattle Seahawks.

    Ummm, the most socially active? I would say that is a biased statement behind as though that’s your team.

    But awesome writing for this one.

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