The Australian Beast

The Philadelphia 76ers are riding high as they head to the All-Star break. They are currently the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. The team has had a very successful season so far, due to the arrival of point-forward Ben Simmons. Simmons has lived up to the hype during his debut season. He has been a very adaptable player with great passing skills, great basketball IQ, and defensive prowess. Simmons has been playing like a beast and if he continues to play this way, the 76ers will be a force to be reckon with in the East.

Simmons has been playing like a number one pick during his rookie season. He currently has five triple doubles, that is the most triple-doubles a rookie has had, since 1983.

On Wednesday, Simmons had an All-Star level performance against the Chicago Bulls. Before the third quarter even ended, Simmons got his fifth triple double. Simmons scored 19 points, grabbed 17 rebounds, and had 14 assists.

This was the best all-around game Simmons has had during this NBA season. He played very strongly on both sides of the ball, showing off his full skill set.

Simmons currently averages 16.4 points per game, grabs 8.4 rebounds per game, and averages 8.4 assists per game.

Simmons has been doing all of this even though the weakest part of his game is his jump shot. Simmons needs to vastly improve his jump shot, to be a dual-threat on the offensive side of the game.

Simmons has played like an Australian beast, his passing ability has helped Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, and most of his teammates get in to the flow of the game. Simmons is a very polished player, and he is only a rookie. If he continues to play at an elevated level, the 76ers will not only have a great season, they may be a playoff contender in the Eastern Conference.

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  1. Enjoyed reading this 76 ‘ERS Ben Simmons article. From what I see when he’s on the court he’s a very humble team player, gets the job done, and comes for fun as well. I’d like to see him further improve himself with his jump shot as well, it’ll assist him in cementing himself in his NBA career. The team in general just has to continue to work on their closing out games piece & they’ll definitely be on their way to the playoffs in the near possible future. Great article, keep it up!

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