Westbrook Gets Paid!!!


According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Oklahoma City Thunder Guard, Russell Westbrook signed a 5-year $205 million-dollar contract extension to stay in OKC. Westbrook has signed the richest contract in NBA history, and for the 2018-19 NBA season will be the highest paid player in the NBA. Westbrook is now the leader of a very offensively potent team, and by signing a new contract he has further cemented his legacy in OKC.

OKC getting Westbrook to sign a new extension caps off an exciting two weeks for the Thunder. They also added Carmelo Anthony  to the roster via trade with the New York Knicks. Earlier in the summer they also added Paul George. Westbrook is the leader of a new big-three in the heavily loaded Western Conference.

Westbrook recommitting to the Thunder will surprise a lot of people because a lot of fans, experts, and media members thought he would leave the Thunder to for the Lakers next season.  However, Westbrook proved that he is committed to the Thunder, and hopefully the Thunder will continue to build around Westbrook and show their commitment to him.

Westbrook now must show that he can be a leader of a championship contender. Last season, Westbrook strived with a weaker team. Now Westbrook must facilitate for Anthony and George. Westbrook proved he was up to the task last year. He got his teammates involved last year, but none of them were big offensive threats like George and Anthony. A large part of OKC’s success will depend on Westbrook being a facilitator and not a one-man wrecking crew.

The big question for OKC fans and the front office is will Westbrook share the ball or sacrifice his game for Anthony and George so the team can be successful? If Westbrook can do that not only will he further cement his legacy, but he will also make OKC a destination for big name free agents in the NBA.

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