Curry Arrives

Free agency is off and running in the NBA, and the Warriors started off the new fiscal year by making Stephen Curry the highest paid player, not just in the NBA, but in all four of the major sports leagues. The new contract is not bad for Curry, who has worked hard to be one of the top players in the NBA. Not bad for someone who was just supposed to be a valuable player, coming out of college. Curry is no longer one of the lowest paid players in the NBA. Some may argue that if the NBA did not have a salary cap, Curry would be paid what he is worth.

It has been a long journey for Curry who was the 7th pick in the 2009 NBA draft, he was known for his shooting ability. The early parts of Curry’s NBA career were marred by injuries to his ankles. Due to those ankle injuries, the Warriors could resign Curry to a four year 44-million-dollar contract. Over for the past four seasons Curry has been making about 11 million dollars per year. Far below his value. Curry’s jersey has been one of the top jerseys sold by the NBA for the past three years.

Now Curry will have a big raise now making 40 million dollars over the next five seasons. However, Curry’s amount will be set by the NBA’s salary cap, so he can make 40 million or 41 million dollars per season depending on if the salary cap increases or decreases.

Curry may have taken a pay cut so the Warriors can resign Klay Thompson next year and Draymond Green the following year. Even though Curry got a major contract , he is still thinking about his teammates and the larger team.

Becoming the highest paid player in all of sports is a great accomplishment for Curry, who was not supposed to be one of the top players in the NBA. He was just supposed to be a skilled shooter like his father. However, Curry has become one of the most marketable players the NBA has, and for a player who is undersized to cast one of the biggest shadows over the NBA world is remarkable. Curry’s popularity and game has changed the way the game of basketball is played, and he is still in his prime so Curry has more work to do to cement his NBA status.

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