It Is Time For A “Zenexit”

By: Kylan Watson

               Once again, a New York Knicks star finds himself in the crosshairs of Phil Jackson, this time its star Forward, Kristaps Porzingis. Porzingis and Jackson have been at odds, since Porzingis missed his exit meeting with Jackson in May. Jackson has now announced that the Knicks are listening to trade offers for Porzingis. Jackson is now trying to trade the Knicks future, to placate his bruised ego. It may be time for Knicks owner, James Dolan to free his franchise from Phil Jackson by firing him.


When Jackson was hired in 2014, to make the Knicks franchise a favorable destination for free agents again. Knicks fans and basketball personalities thought Jackson could not only make the Knicks relevant again, but put a winning product back on the court again. What has happened is a disaster of epic proportions. The Knicks have not been to the playoffs since 2013.

Over the past four seasons the Knicks have not won more than 40 games. Besides the record, Jackson has made terrible moves, giving away Iman Shumpert and JR Smith for a draft pick in 2014.  Getting nothing for Tyson Chandler in 2014 as well. These are just two examples of the poor decisions Jackson has made since becoming, the President of Basketball Operations for the Knicks.

The best decision Jackson ever made was ironically, drafting Porzingis, who he is now trying to get rid of.

Porzingis has seen Jackson destroy the value of Carmelo Anthony, so much so that no other NBA team wants him. Porzingis decided to make a stand, and now Jackson’s ego is hurt and now he is trying to destroy the Knicks future.

James Dolan must fire Jackson, because Jackson is a terrible basketball executive. It is time for a “Zenexit” for the master. Maybe the Knicks will be a better team once Jackson is gone.

Jackson is no longer worth the risk for the Knicks, he cannot relate to the new generation of NBA players. Not only is he alienating star players, but he is also still trying to run the triangle offense. Jackson is failing to adapt to the way the game has evolved. If the Knicks want to bring in marquee free agents again, they must get rid of Jackson.

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