A Blount To The System

By: Kylan Watson

               On Wednesday, May 17th, 2017, the Philadelphia Eagles signed former Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount to a one-year deal, worth 2.8 million dollars. The Eagles finally signed a big-time running back. The signing of Blount gives the Eagles a much-needed punch at the running back position. The Eagles offense was lacking a short-yardage back, and Blount can certainly be a good short-yardage running back. Through signing with the Eagles, Blount is now the best running back on the Eagles roster.

Blount was a huge playmaker and weapon for the New England Patriots, last year Blount rushed for 1,161 yards, averaged 3.9 yards per game, he also scored eighteen touchdowns.  Blount was the main running back for the Patriots, and was used in short yardage situations, and as the goal line running back.  By signing Blount, the Eagles now have a big, bruising power back, the Eagles have not had a power back, since Duce Staley in the mid-90s.

Blount will flourish with the Eagles, as they have an impressive offensive line, led by Lane Johnson. However, Blount’s production will depend on Johnson not using methamphetamines, Jason Kelce getting back to form, Jason Peters not regressing, and Brandon Brooks staying on the field.

This has been a very good offensive off-season for the Eagles, they added two big-time wide receivers in Torrey Smith and Alshon Jefferey, and now they have added Blount. Blount will also serve as a mentor to the young running back core with Darren Sproles.  The signing of Blount has made the Eagles a force to be reckon with in the NFC East and possibly a playoff contender if everyone can stay healthy, and avoid suspensions from the NFL.

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