The NBA’s DeMarcus Cousins Problem

By: Kylan W. Watson

                Last night DeMarcus Cousins had a great scoring night, as he led the Sacramento Kings to an upset victory over the Portland Traiblazers. However, the night ended in controversy as Cousins was trash talking the Trailblazers bench and his mouth piece dropped out of his mouth. He was ejected by the referees, but later when it was determined he did not throw his mouthpiece at the Trailblazers bench, he was brought back in and his second technical foul was rescinded. Cousins night was a sign of his NBA career a star player marred by his numerous unprofessional incidents.

Cousins is a great player who plays on a horrible team, and he allows his frustration with his team to manifest itself for all to see on the basketball court through getting technical fouls, Cousins also has been through multiple coaches throughout his NBA career.

Cousins also got in trouble last week for threatening a reporter, who did a piece on Cousins and mentioned an off the court incident that involved his brother.  Cousin’s was caught on video in the locker room trying to intimidate the reporter.  It is also not the first time that Cousins’ has tried to intimidate reporters. The NBA is well aware of this and have not done anything that significantly deters Cousins from doing it again. Cousins has been fined by his team, most recently for $50,000 dollars for threatening the reporter.  He has also been suspended by the NBA for having too many technical fouls.

The NBA has a DeMarcus Cousins problem and needs to get him some help because he is a great player who on the right team can lead a team to the playoffs and maybe a championship. However Cousins has been severely damaged due to his inability to act professionally on and off the court. His reputation precedes him that is why he has so many technical fouls and gets in to so much trouble.

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