Eagles decide not to make a trade during the trade deadline, showing faith in Receiving Corp.

By: Kylan Watson

                The Philadelphia Eagles decided to not make a big move during today’s trade deadline, despite rumors that the Eagles front office was looking to upgrade at the wide receiver position. However, the 4:00 pm EST deadline past, and the Eagles decided not to make a trade.

The Eagles are coming off of an overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys, and one of the biggest weaknesses, the Eagles had during that game, was at the wide receiver position. The Eagles receivers were dropping passes at an alarming rate during the game. The Eagles receivers lead the NFL in dropped passes.  The Eagles need a wide receiver very badly.

However, the asking price was too high even for the Eagles; they were very close to making a move, for San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith. This deal would ultimately fall apart as the Niners wanted too much for Smith, they wanted a third round pick, and the Eagles were only willing to give up a fifth round pick in 2017 for Smith.  The Eagles also inquired about Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey.  Jeffrey will be a free agent in 2017, but in order to get that deal done, Jeffrey had to sign a long-term deal with the Eagles. This ultimately did not happen.

For Eagles fans, the front office tried and failed to get a deal done, so fans will have to hope that the Eagles receivers can hold on to the football. The Eagles will be looking for a much needed win against the New York Giants.

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