Eagles deal Bradford

By: Kylan Watson

Yesterday morning the Philadelphia Eagles traded away Sam Bradford, for a 2017 first round pick, and a conditional 4th round pick in 2018 to the Minnesota Vikings. Rumors had been flying for weeks that the Eagles were looking to make a trade for a playmaker. The Eagles traded away their starting quarterback before the season began; this officially marks the start of the Carson Wentz era for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sam Bradford was the Eagles starting quarterback for the 2015 to 2016 NFL season; he led the Eagles to a 7-9 record. Bradford threw for 19 TDs and 15 Interceptions. Bradford also missed a couple of games with a shoulder injury and a concussion.

Bradford was not happy for the start of the 2016 season after learning that the Eagles traded away a 2016 first round pick, and a conditional second round, third round; and fourth round pick for 2017. In order to get the quarterback of the future from North Dakota State Carson Wentz.

What made this trade viable for the Vikings was an injury to their star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater tore his ACL in a non-contact injury in practice on Thursday afternoon. Rumors were flying that the Vikings were looking for a new quarterback to keep the team in the playoff hunt. With this trade the Vikings got the best starting quarterback available that fits their immediate need for a quarterback.

This trade should breathe new life into Bradford’s career as it allows him a fresh start without competition. He can go to a playoff contending team and help the Vikings obtain a playoff spot and defend their 2015 NFC North Divisional championship. Bradford can put up huge numbers in an offense that runs through star running back, Adrian Peterson.  Bradford has yet to make playoffs in his career.  Bradford now will have the backing of a team and not have to worry about a younger quarterback taking his spot.

This trade is very important for the Vikings season because now it takes them from being a bad team to a playoff contender. This trade allows them to even be a contender for the 2017 super bowl. Bradford is a serviceable quarterback who does not turn the ball over.  As we saw last year with the Broncos winning a championship all a team needs in today’s NFL is a really good defense and a quarterback who does not turn the ball over. The Vikings have a pretty good defense and now a good enough quarterback.

The Eagles unloaded a $35 million dollar player and made room for Carson Wentz their 2016 first round pick to start sooner than expected.  The Eagles also were able to reobtain a pick for the first round of the 2017 draft. This pick is important because the 2017 draft will be held in Philadelphia and the Eagles are looking towards the future.  That future apparently does not include Bradford and features Carson Wentz.


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