Power Shifts as Kevin Durant becomes a Golden State Warrior

Kevin Durant has made his decision, and he chose to take his talents to the Bay area, choosing to sign a two-year deal worth 54 million dollars with the Golden State Warriors.

Durant’s decision has sent shockwaves throughout the basketball world.  Power has shifted in the NBA. The Warriors have added Kevin Durant to an already loaded team. The Warriors have added Durant to its big three of the two-time MVP, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Durant is the missing piece to a Warriors team who were missing a player who could create their own shot. Now with the addition of Kevin Durant that problem is solved.

The Warriors were a Lebron James block, and a Kyrie Irving three point shot away from being two-time champions. Now that the Warriors lost, the addition of Durant fills a lot of holes that the Cavaliers exploited in the finals. Durant can rebound, he also adds more defensive help, and when the Warriors go to their smaller line up Durant can add shot blocking. The Warriors were significantly lacking in the rebounding and shot blocking department when facing the Cavaliers.

The Warriors are now the favorites to win the championship for a long time.  The core of the Warriors is very young, and Kevin Durant adds to that young core, the NBA is very interesting again and Kevin Durant’s decision has seismically shifted the power index in the NBA.

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