Rammed Sixers

By: Kylan Watson

The Philadelphia 76ers were looking to get some revenge on the Milwaukee Bucks after getting destroyed by them on Thursday night. However the Bucks had another strong night from the three-point line and that killed the Sixers once again. As Milwaukee routed them 132-94.

Philly did not have it early on in the game. They could not hit a shot, especially from three-point range. They shot 15% from three. The Bucks on the other hand once again couldn’t miss from three. They hit 18/40 three-pointers and it did not matter if it was contested or wide-open it was going in. Philly just did not have the horses to keep up with Milwaukee.

They did keep it close though as they were able to cut the Bucks lead to one early in the third quarter. Thanks to a scoring surge from guard Seth Curry. He scored 13-points and hit two three-pointers. Curry has missed a few games but if he can continue to up his scoring especially in the absence of guard/forward Ben Simmons. It would give Philly another reliable option.

After the outburst from Curry, Milwaukee went on a 31-4 scoring run powered by forward Giannis Antetokounmpo to end the third quarter. He scored 24-points and had free reign to do whatever he wanted from the field. With no center Joel Embiid in there to deter him from the paint. He attacked the Sixers defenders in the paint and got them in foul trouble.  The Sixers had no answers for him.

For the Sixers the schedule now lightens up for them as they get to play their next couple of games against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday, and a two-game series with the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday and Friday. Hopefully for those games they will get healthier and be able to get their mojo back on both sides of the ball. They will need to play better perimeter defense if they want to shutdown the backcourt scoring of the OKC and Atlanta.

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